California at a Look!

California, a wonderful location to be, however much more wonderful it is after you understand some truths about this state. So if you are interested to understand more about CA, join me on this short California counties map summary.

California History and Areas – Let’s begin with California’s history, that is unique in its method. It has been formed, in most, by its interesting location. California is separated in four areas: the temperate coastal region, the Central Valley, the desert, and last but not least the mountain area, all of these regions had a significant role in California map these days.

Origin of name California
You all question where the name California originate from, well the name “California” originated from a romance book that appeared in the year 1510. It was about an island paradise near the Indies where a so-called Queen Califia ruled over a nation of lovely black Amazons that had great deals of pearls and gold as there treasure. And so it was, the coast of California was an abundant source of pearls.

Modern California – California has gone a long way from being a land of wild amazons, and now has a population estimated around 36,457,549, and the California counties map is now covered with cities, from the twenty-seven original counties it has gone to fifty-eight! Its one of the largest states in the United States of America!

The California counties map gives you an overview of the abundance of places you can check out, let’s see simply a few of the fifty-eight counties, the most “wanted”:.

Los Angeles

Lets start with Los Angeles a county in California and, by far, the most populous county in the United States. The U.S. Census Bureau stated in 2007 that the country had reached a population of 9,878,554 citizens, while the California State federal government’s population bureau a quote of 10,363,850 in 2008. The county seat is the City of Los Angeles, the biggest city in the state of California and the Western United States in addition to second largest in the United States. Typically shortened as L.A. and nicknamed The City of Angels, Los Angeles is ranked as one of the alpha world cities.

San Diego – this is among the twenty-seven original of California counties map, San Diego County is a county located near the Pacific Ocean in the far southwest of the state. San Diego’s population is approximated to be around 3,146,274 people, increasing its rank to the second location, ahead of its northwestern next-door neighbor Orange County. The county seat is the city of San Diego, a big coastal city situated in Southern California region. In Might of 2008, the city’s population was approximated at 1,336,865. It is the second biggest city in California and the number 8th largest in the United States.

El Dorado


Another country that can be has seen on the map of California is El Dorado, or like others call it “The city of gold”, “The golden city”, labels originating from its gold rush duration and its name El Dorado (Spanish for “the golden one”) that represents a legend of a South American tribal chief who covered himself up with pure gold dust and would swim into a lake of distilled water originated from the Californian mountains.

Other nations in California that stand out from the crowd are nations like Contra Costa (Spanish for “opposite coast”), a mostly suburban county in the San Francisco Bay Location, likewise another nation is San Luis Obispo, a county situated along the Pacific Ocean on the Central Coast, in between Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Cruz is another country that must not be forgotten and if you have a boat Santa Barbara is the place to pick!

As you can see the State of California holds a lot of destinations, and on our California counties map, we have actually called here just a few. All you have to do now is take a California map and start exploring all these lovely places, you will find out that words can not explain exactly what California needs to use.